Vitamin E

The Link Between Vitamin E And Youthful Skin

Aging gracefully is one thing – but what about when it comes to those deep-set wrinkles and expression lines that seem to be popping up each day, with no immediate signs of slowing down? You’ve accepted growing older with grace and dignity, but that doesn’t mean you want to start sporting the same amount of wrinkles as your mother or grandmother – after all, with all of the fabulous skincare products on the market today, looking tired and older than your actual age is no longer an option!

Yet if you’re reluctant to use expensive injections, microdermabrasions or other professional treatments that could run up your bill at the dermatologist, you still have effective options. You can recapture your youthful glow by using skincare products and eating a diet that’s rich in vitamin E for naturally younger and smoother-looking skin!

To keep your skin looking young and beautiful, you should remember to stay out of the sun, eliminate smoking altogether, and eat a healthy diet that’s packed with vitamins and minerals. However, if you want to take your skincare regimen up to the next level, then it’s important to know all about the powerful effects of vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a great weapon that fights the free radicals our faces are exposed to each day. Experts recommend applying vitamin E to your skin only after you are in for the day, as UV rays can actually turn topical vitamin E into a free radical itself. Once applied, the vitamin E goes to work by preventing wrinkle-inducing sun damage as well as promoting the production of collagen in your skin, which makes your skin more elastic and supple. Increased elasticity means less wrinkles, so don’t hesitate to smooth on that vitamin E oil after a day at the beach or on the hiking trail. Of course, never skimp on your sunscreen regardless of the season, even during cloudy days!

If you really want to ramp up your skin’s protection, then take a vitamin E supplement each morning. The supplement is absorbed and transported to your skin cells, which use the vitamin to help strengthen your skin’s defenses against harmful UV rays and free radicals that can quickly age your face. You can also increase vitamin E intake in your diet by adding foods like wheat germ, spinach and sunflower seeds. These foods are packed with this skin-saving vitamin as well as a host of other valuable nutrients.

Since skincare products only contain a small amount of vitamin E, it’s important to enhance any topical treatment with either a supplement or diet that’s full of the vitamin. Be sure to discuss taking supplements with your doctor or healthcare practitioner, since there is evidence of negative interactions of Vitamin E with some prescription medications, like Warfarin. Also, there may be some negative effects of taking long-term high doses of Vitamin E, so explore the best dose for you with your doctor.

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