Treat Wrinkles: Juvéderm®

It seems like there’s no end to the products out there that are promising to not only diminish the appearance of wrinkles, but to eradicate them altogether. Whether you've got crow's feet, laugh lines or a few stubborn wrinkles, you’ve probably tried dozens of expensive products – and haven't found a single one that works. Sure, you may get temporary relief from fine lines, but the bottom line is that you’ve been shelling out big bucks for products that don't deliver.

If you think you simply can't try another disappointing wrinkle product, then it’s time you learned about Juvéderm, an injectable gel that’s taking the anti-wrinkle industry by storm.

As we get older, our skin starts to lose the elasticity that prevents wrinkles from forming in more youthful skin. Additionally, years of sun exposure and stress can result in the formation of those annoying frown lines and crow’s feet. Juvéderm can counteract these aging and environmental effects by replicating a naturally-occurring chemical in your skin (that diminishes with age) which promotes the production of volume and hydration. This chemical – known as hyaluronic acid – plumps up our skin’s volume and smoothes away even the most stubborn deep-set wrinkles that plague your appearance in the mirror.

Developed by the creators of Botox back in 2006, Juvéderm® is a simple injection that can be done in a fifteen-minute visit to your dermatologist or cosmologist – perfect for people on the go! Typically injections can be performed on the undereye area, around the mouth and the forehead region. Many consumers report that the results are immediate, with each injection costing anywhere from $300 to $600 each, depending on the desired treatment area. Patients may experience a little swelling initially, but this usually disappears within 24 hours after treatment. Juvéderm® is the only hyaluronic acid injection that can last up to a year; perfect for people who don’t like the constant maintenance that Botox and other fillers require.

Juvéderm® is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It’s a safe, natural, and effective filler with proven long-term results that thousands of people have been thrilled about.

If you’re concerned that Juvéderm® will give you an artificial appearance, relax: studies found that consumers who used Juvéderm injections reported more natural results compared to collagen injections. In other words, all of your friends will notice how youthful and refreshed you look – but few (if any) will suspect your little secret!

Let’s face it—“aging gracefully” doesn’t have to mean dealing with deep-set wrinkles and lines. If you want to recapture a more youthful appearance without shelling out a small fortune, then Juvéderm® might be the perfect hyaluronic acid filler for you. You can find a local dermatologist or plastic surgeon that can perform an injection by heading to the Juvéderm® homepage.

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